IDEA StatiCa Tutorial – SAP2000 link

Tento návod nám ukáže, jak vytvořit a používat propojení mezi SAP2000 a IDEA StatiCa Connection.

Activate the link Use the link Update the project Known limitations

1 How to activate the link

  • Install the latest version of IDEA StatiCa, get it in the Downloads
  • Make sure you are using a supported version of AxisVM – updates are published in the BIM section

After installation of both programs, run IDEA StatiCa and start with the item BIM. In the BIM wizard continue with the item Activate your Bim Link... During the process notification "Run as administrator" appears. Please confirm with the button Yes.


Select your version of SAP2000 and click the button Install. The process of integration will start.


Start SAP2000

In menu Tools -> Add/Show PlugIns… add Plugin

SAP2000PlugIn_IDEA_Connection (in Version 18)

SAP2000v19PlugIn_IDEA_Connection (in Version 19)

SAP2000v20PlugIn_IDEA_Connection (in Version 20)

(you have to type it in both fields - Name, Text)


2 How to use the link

Open attached project in SAP2000 and run the analysis.

Go to menu item Tools and choose SAP2000v20PlugIn_IDEA_Connection .


A wizard window is opened, select the join you want to transfer to IDEA StatiCa Connection

and click on ECEN.


We continue with the button Next.


Finally, we click Connection design to directly start IDEA StatiCa Connection.


3 Design

We right-click on Operation in the tree menu to add a New operation and select Stiffening plate.


In the same way we add the manufacturing operation Cut and fill in the values below.


In the next step, right-click on Operation CUT1 and select Copy. Then change the value for Member to 372.


Let’s continue with input of manufacturing operation Bolt grid or contact. Values set according picture.


In the next step, right-click on Operation GRD1 and select Copy. Then change the value for Item 1 type and Item 2 type to 372.


4 Check

Nonlinear analysis is started by icon Calculate from the top ribbon. Analysis model is automatically generated, calculation is performed and we can check results.

Activate Strain check, Equivalent stress, Mesh and Deformed from the ribbon to get a full picture of what is happening in the joint. Everything is displayed in the 3D window.


All values can be reviewed in detailed in the tables and 2D window. For example to display check of bolts select tab Bolts/Anchors tab.


5 Report

At last we go to the tab Report. IDEA StatiCa offers fully customizable report to print out or save in editable format.


6 How to update the project

Sometimes it is necessary to change the cross-section of a member in the joint.

In this case, close IDEA StatiCa Connection and unlock the project in SAP2000.


Right-click on the member 371 and following window appears. Go to Assignments and change the cross-section from 2UPN140/10/ to 2UPN160/10/ and click OK.


The same procedure has to be done for the Member 372.


Run the analysis, select SAP2000v20PlugIn_IDEA_Connection in the upper ribbon and in the IDEA StatiCa wizard click on Update.


In the wizard click Next.


In the next window just select Connection design.


As you can see, the cross-section of the Members 371 and 372 has changed, but all previous operations remained.


7 Known limitations

Link now works for a wide variety of connections/joints. However, please take into account yet unsupported functionality:

Eccentricity - Centroid is not set as Cardinal point


Workaround: Import the whole joint and manually move the beams with eccentricity to the proper position.



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